Fun Recycling Activities For the Kids!

You may have heard that Babymel recycles plastic bottles and turns them into beautiful eco nappy bags! If you haven’t – now you know!

Our eco collection is made from 500ml plastic bottles.  The process begins by collecting used plastic bottles made from PET. After cleaning they are chipped down into small pellets and melted so the plastic can be spun into fibres. The finished product is a totally recycled, BPA FREE material that is durable as well as planet friendly.


While spending more time at home, we thought that we would list some fun ways that you can encourage kids to reuse plastic bottles at home – a great way to recycle!

Fun Activities For the Kids Using Plastic Bottles  

  • Bird Feeder – Invite local birds into your outdoor space by cutting a hole in a large bottle, poking a stick through two sides and filling it with bird seed
  • Maracas – Make your own music by filling bottles with rice, marbles, pasta or other noisy item of your choice!
  • Piggy Bank – cut a slit in the side of the bottle and decorate the bottle with paint
  • Planter – Cut the bottle in half, fill with soil and plant your favourite flower or herbs
  • Watering Can – Poke holes in the lid of the bottle, fill up with water and water some indoor plants
  • Bowling Pins – You’ll need 10 bottles so this may take a while!  You also need to be very patient when it comes to noise and mess! 


Recycling Centres

Us mums in the Babymel office like to ensure that our children appreciate our environment and are involved in the recycling process.  We are lucky enough to have a recycling collection point near our house and ask our children to collect and wash plastic bottles for recycling.  The kids are super excited to earn a few extra dollars while helping solve our global litter problem.

Return & Earn Places Around Australia


If you are like us at Babymel and are conscious of your carbon footprint, don’t forget to take a look at our range of eco friendly nappy bags!  Made from recycled plastic bottles, these nappy bags help the planet as well as with nappy changes! Lightweight and packed full of features, you’re going to love the range which has a modern unisex look!

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Love the team at Babymel xox

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