We love babies, but one day our babies will grow up and we want to make sure the planet is nice place for them to live. That is why we are committed to making sustainable choices wherever we can, including not only sustainable choices for the planet, but sustainable choices for the people in our business and our working partners. Find out more below.

All our products are made to be durable and long lasting, we have had feedback from customers who have used our bags with multiple children and STILL love using them everyday. We manufacture our products in small batches. This allows us to closely control the quality of our products and rectify any issues quickly. Small batch production also massively helps to reduce waste from over production and stops unwanted stock ending up in landfill. 

We all know that plastic is not good for the environment. Our packaging is now made from compostable materials so no more single use plastics sitting in landfill.  We also wanted to cut down on any unnecessary waste so, have also streamlined and reduced our packaging by up to 90%. Buying directly from us helps to reduce packaging as we don't have to pack our goods to be 'shelf ready' and you get a fresh new bag!

In 2019 we launched our first collection made from recycled materials. The material has been re-manufactured from plastic bottles, turning a piece of rubbish into an item that can be used for years to come. All our materials are made and sourced to ensure that they do not contain any nasty chemicals and all the treatments used on the materials are environmentally friendly. We do not use leather on our products and use vegetarian glues, so all our products are animal friendly.

We are lucky enough to work in a beautiful new building that is super eco. From insulation so good we rarely have to put the heating on, to lights with motion sensors - no energy is unnecessarily wasted. We recycle whenever possible and try to not print anything unless we really, really need to.

Our logistics team have partnered with couriers and shippers to ensure the carbon footprint of our products is kept to a minimum. We only sea freight our goods from factory to warehouse, this method has the lowest fuel consumption available. We have selected to work with carbon neutral couriers to ensure your orders is delivered to you in the most eco friendly way possible.

We have long standing relationships with our suppliers who all hold BSCI (or equivalent) audits for social compliance. Designing products for parents with growing families keeps family needs at the forefront of what we do, that is why our London based team are all offered flexible working to suit their individual needs. We also partner with local charities to give back to the community.